Fixkey as a ChatGPT Alternative

Fixkey AI offers a seamless, integrated experience by being natively built into every app on macOS.

This allows users to quickly improve their writing anywhere with customizable shortcuts, without needing to constantly switch between windows or copy-paste content into a separate interface like ChatGPT.

Fixkey's lightweight, native app ensures swift AI responses, enabling users to enhance their writing and fix typos effortlessly.

Moreover, Fixkey AI boasts a versatile set of features that surpass ChatGPT's capabilities. With support for over 200 languages and the ability to translate sentences in milliseconds, Fixkey caters to a wide range of users and use cases. Its customizable prompt editor empowers users to tailor the AI to their specific needs, while ChatGPT relies on manual input of frequently used prompts.

By focusing on seamless integration, speed, and customization, Fixkey AI proves to be a superior choice for those seeking to improve their writing efficiency on macOS.