Fixkey is a native macOS tool that was designed from the ground up to integrate the power of large language models into any application.
Unlike Quillbot, which requires you to constantly switch between tabs and copy-paste text back and forth, Fixkey is seamlessly integrated into all your text editors. This allows you to transform your writing directly within apps like Word, Apple Notes, and Gmail, with lightning-fast response times of just 200 milliseconds.

Fixkey automatically selects and fixes entire sentences or paragraphs with a single action, reducing friction in your writing process and saving you time by comprehensively addressing all grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues at once. The ML researchers at Fixkey are integrating modern AI models and fine-tuning them for grammar correction, rephrasing, and content generation tailored to your use experience. These models are more intelligent than traditional paraphrasing tools like Quillbot, as they have a better understanding of context and can provide more nuanced suggestions.

The key advantage of Fixkey is that it's a lightweight native app running on your Mac, making it universally applicable for many use cases. It goes beyond just rephrasing text. With Fixkey, you can add custom styles to your writing, summarize long passages, and even generate new content relevant to what you've already written.

Fixkey provides intelligent, context-aware writing assistance fully integrated into your workflow, without the need to disrupt your concentration by switching between apps or relying on web-based tools. Its advanced language models, native macOS integration, real-time performance, and expanded feature set make it a compelling alternative to Quillbot for users seeking a more seamless and capable writing aide that works efficiently within their existing text editors.