Fixkey as a DeepL Alternative

Fixkey is a native macOS tool that was designed from the ground up to integrate the power of large language models into any application. Unlike DeepL, it is not a separate browser tab you need to constantly switch to in order to copy and paste a translation.

Instead, Fixkey is directly integrated in your text editor, like Word, Apple Notes, Gmail, etc.

Further, the ML researchers at Fixkey are integrating modern AI models, fine-tuning them for translation into your use experience. These models are both more intelligent than traditional translation models from DeepL, as they have a better world model and understanding of your context.

The Feast Ethat Fixkey is a native app running on your Mac, making it universally applicable for many use cases. It goes beyond just translating text. You can add custom styles to the translation prompt, paraphrase the text, summarize, and even generate new content.